Annual membership

Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January each year.

The annual fee for the coming year is £25 but new members will only pay a proportion of this dependent on the date of joining.

If you wish to become a member you will be made most welcome. Please download the membership form here or complete a form at the club.

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Internal competition themes


The Club Committee has agreed the forward programme of competition themes for 2019 and up to the summer break in 2020. We hope this will give even the most hard pressed members the opportunity to enter their work in this valuable aspect of the club’s activities.

To see a list of the themes:

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Dear City Photo Member

This coming Monday, November 19th we’re going to be holding an informal critique/discussion evening where we would like you to submit – in advance - up to three digital images.

On the night, we’ll be splitting up the members present into random groups – dependent on how many turn up.

Once an image appears on the screen, each group will discuss that image and the feedback from that group will be voiced to the whole audience.

This approach will hopefully encourage you all to submit images because you can be fairly sure that they will receive very thorough and scrupulous analysis, giving you plenty of food for thought. There will be a checklist of points to look out for e.g. Is the image well composed? Does it have an emotional appeal or a message? Are there any distractions in the image?

Also, you can submit your images anonymously if you wish. On the other hand, if you admit to being the author, we would welcome hearing about your image – where, why and how you took it along with any other insights. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions.

This is a particularly good evening to submit images if you don’t wish to enter club competitions and are simply looking for guidance on ways to improve your photography. There again, you may be someone who enters competitions on a regular basis and would like a second opinion on an image you entered for a competition where you felt it deserved a better mark than it got from the judge. Maybe you had a rejection in the last N&EMPF Exhibition? This is a chance to find out if the image was unfairly treated or, if not, why it lacks a certain something and what you need to do to better your chances in the future.

Please submit images even if you’re an experienced photographer, as we will have several award-winning photographers in the audience whose expertise and insight could well be of help.

Please note: all the images will be critiqued/discussed. They will not be marked.

Obviously, this evening won’t work without your images. So, please email me up to three j-peg images, sized as you would enter them for a competition at the club – 1400 pixels on the longest side if you’re sending a landscape format image, 1050 pixels if it’s in portrait format. As these are small files, you don’t need to send them via We Transfer.

To send them to me here

I look forward to seeing you all this Monday.

All the Best

Ashley Franklin ARPS | ABPPA | APAGB
President | Programme Secretary