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Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January 2019

The annual fee for the coming year is £33, plus £3 for each meeting attended.

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Internal competition themes


The Club Committee has agreed the forward programme of competition themes for 2019 and up to the summer break in 2020. We hope this will give even the most hard pressed members the opportunity to enter their work in this valuable aspect of the club’s activities.

To see a list of the themes:

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This Monday, March 25th Derby City welcomes PADDY RUSKE with a talk entitled BACK GARDEN NATURALIST.

Paddy rusk010

Paddy is a keen nature photographer – he was Highly Commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards of 2016 – and will be bringing us a fascinating talk which will be of great interest to you if you’d like to take wildlife photos without the need to travel to nature reserves or the Great Outdoors in general.

Paddy has created a garden to specifically attract wildlife, and in particular, insects such as moths.

Paddy Ruske 020

He will offer great advice like laying out a gravel path as insects can live in the spaces it creates, though he will also tell you how to make a layered insect home.

Paddy has also planted wildflowers which greatly attract wildlife and has also created a garden which is now home not only to myriad insects but also frogs and newts, sparrows and other birds, and bees.

Paddy Rusk 030
Paddy Ruske 040
Paddy will also explain how he takes his photos whilst sitting in his lounge looking at the garden through his window.

As a result of taking pictures of wild life, he has made many friends in his street who became fascinated by what he was doing; and, although not photographers, many of Paddy’s neighbours have increased wildlife habitats in their gardens following Paddy’s advice.

Could Paddy encourage YOU to be a back garden naturalist? Come along this Monday and find out!

All the Best

Ashley Franklin ARPS | ABPPA | APAGB
Chairman| Programme Secretary

To visit Paddy's website here


Message from the Chairman

This year Derby City Photographic celebrates 40 years as a camera club.

I would like to extend special best wishes to Mike Smith, who embarks upon his 40th year with Derby City. Yes, he has been with us right from the start. Keep going, Mike – at least there is someone who feels even older than me at this club.

Mike Smith Bombers Moon
Bomber's Moon by Mike Smith - Mikes favourite image

Photographic events diary 2019

Here you will find a list of events that provide photographic opportunities which may be of interest to you. Some are local and some are further afield.

If club members know of any other events that may be of interest please let the Webmaster know and they will be included in this diary.

To see the diary of events - last updated 24th March 2019: here