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Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January 2020

The annual fee for the coming year is £33, plus £3 for each meeting attended.

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I hope you’re all keeping well during this difficult and anxious time.

I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to be told that Derby City’s programme is now cancelled up to July 27th, after which we have a summer break. This means we hope to resume meetings on September 14th. As it turns out, The Grange has already cancelled its meetings until September.

As five of our eight themed competitions are scheduled up to July 27th, we have decided to cancel the three competitions in September, October and November. However, these are not really cancellations but postponements: we will simply re-schedule all eight themed competitions for 2021. If you entered our first competition In the Rain, we will simply retain the images for next year’s competition evening – March 15th. We have even re-booked the same judge.

As programme secretary, I am looking to re-schedule every one of the cancelled lectures and members’ evenings for 2021.

When you next hear from either myself or another committee member - we ‘ll be setting up some online activities for you to engage with. The idea is to encourage you to take part in an activity during the Monday evening hours when we would otherwise be meeting at The Grange.

In the meantime, I hope that members of our Facebook page will use some of their new-found free time to post images and initiate critiques, discussions etc.

This is also a good time to promote our mentoring scheme once more. We already have a few mentors in place. Until we remind you of them, if there is any member who would be willing to be a mentor, please let me know as soon as possible by emailing me at here. We can then add you to the list and start re-promoting the scheme. We would be happy for you to just be a mentor during the period when the club meetings are cancelled.

To close on a positive note… if this pandemic is all over by the summer, we are looking to book a club meal on September 7th, the week before we resume our meetings. Here’s hoping.
All the Best

Ashley Franklin ARPS | ABPPA | APAGB
Chairman| Programme Secretary

2019 Competitions - yearly results

Joe Vowles Trophy
First: David Goodman
Runners up: Ashley Franklin & Chris Hall

PDI Photographer of the Year
First: Chris Hall
Runner Up: Mike Arblaster & David Goodman

Print Photographer of the Year
First: David Goodman
Runner up: Ashley Franklin
Third: Peter Ward, Mike Arblaster,
Christine Maughan & Chris Hall

Annual Print
First: David Goodman, with Flying High.
Runner up: Ashley Franklin, with Pre-Raphaelite Friends

Annual PDI
First: Jim Connolly, with Homestay Chef
Runner up: Ashley Franklin, with Tree in the Mist

Photographic events diary 2020

Here you will find a list of events that provide photographic opportunities which may be of interest to you. Some are local and some are further afield.

If club members know of any other events that may be of interest please let the Webmaster know and they will be included in this diary.

To see the diary of events - last updated 15th January 2020 here

Important information
Due to the coronavirus outbreak members should check the events own websites for updated details regarding the cancellation of events.