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Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January 2021

The annual fee for the coming year is £33, plus £3 for each meeting attended.

Membership Form 2021

Membership Form 2021

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Consent form


Dear Member

First of all, many thanks to you if you were amongst the attendees who viewed Kieran Metcalfe’s acclaimed talk on landscape photography last Tuesday, and my special thanks to Kevin Marples for chairing the evening in my absence.

I am delighted to say that I will be present at this Tuesday’s meeting, and in more senses than one…

Tuesday, January 25th at 7.30 pm, Derby City PC presents the N&EMPF 2022 PDI EXHIBITION AUDIO-VISUAL.

N&EMPF 001
Yes, as well as hosting the meeting, my presence will be felt in the audio-visual as once again I have voiced the commentary and provided the music. As always, I look to make this presentation as engaging as possible.

This is greatly helped by the fact that this is a show representing the crème de la crème of club photography in our federation.

Furthermore, our club gained several acceptances, and even an award: Pamela Severn’s superb portrait of Saleem pictured above was Commended.

N&EMPF 003
N&EMPF 002
N&EMPF 004
Also pictured is Water Rail Feeding by Angela Plumb, Straining Every Sinew by Brian Stephenson and Gathering Steam by Simon Beynon.

As always, there is a wide spectrum of subject matter on show: portrait, nature, sport, landscape, still life, architecture and creative, with all images to a very high standard..

This is a 110-minute presentation and, like the best cinema film, needs to be seen on the big screen… that’s the one at Littleover Social Club!

Don’t forget… a week on Tuesday, February 1st, we hold our Annual General Meeting and it’s probably the most important AGM we’ll be holding since we moved to a new venue in 2010, not least as there are many proposals we need to vote on.

See you this Tuesday.

All the Best

Ashley Franklin ARPS | ABPPA | APAGB | BPE1*

Chairman | Programme Secretary

Martin Vaughan FRPS

Congratulations go to our member Martin who has gained his FRPS (Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society). This is the highest distinction awarded by the Society and is only achieved by producing a body of work of distinguished ability and excellence, supported by a written Statement of Intent. Martin’s submission was a panel of twenty mounted prints showcasing "Birds of the National Forest".

Martin's knowledge of the genre, field craft, dedication, and pure perseverance played a large part in him gaining the award.