Annual membership renewal

Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January 2020

The annual fee for the coming year is £33, plus £3 for each meeting attended.

Membership Form 2020

Please note that applications for renewal of Junior Membership should also be accompanied by the attached 'Consent Form: Membership of Vulnerable Individuals'

Consent form


Digging the Allotment by Paul O'Flanagan here

Photobook Project by Christine Maughan here

My Mentor and his legacy by Mike Arblaster here

Through the Lens by Gillian Foulds here

Hard and soft lighting by Peter Dishart here

Porth Nanven Cove by Mike Arblaster here

The Geography Project by Malcolm Neal here

Photographing Meteors Part 1 by Tony Barker here

Photographing Meteors Part 2 by Tony Barker here

Tales from the Kingdom - An Ancient Bookworm's Tale here

2019 Competitions - yearly results

Joe Vowles Trophy
First: David Goodman
Runners up: Ashley Franklin & Chris Hall

PDI Photographer of the Year
First: Chris Hall
Runner Up: Mike Arblaster & David Goodman

Print Photographer of the Year
First: David Goodman
Runner up: Ashley Franklin
Third: Peter Ward, Mike Arblaster,
Christine Maughan & Chris Hall

Annual Print
First: David Goodman, with Flying High.
Runner up: Ashley Franklin, with Pre-Raphaelite Friends

Annual PDI
First: Jim Connolly, with Homestay Chef
Runner up: Ashley Franklin, with Tree in the Mist

Photographic events diary 2020

Here you will find a list of events that provide photographic opportunities which may be of interest to you. Some are local and some are further afield.

If club members know of any other events that may be of interest please let the Webmaster know and they will be included in this diary.

To see the diary of events - last updated 15th January 2020 here

Important information
Due to the coronavirus outbreak members should check the events own websites for updated details regarding the cancellation of events.