Themes - Description & Scope

2022 Competition Set Themes with Descriptions and Scope

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For each of the monthly competitions (with the exception of the Monochrome competition, see below), members may enter one image in the set Theme for that competition and a maximum of two images in the Open section ie. three images in total.
The set Theme descriptions and scope are detailed below. The interpretation of how well a picture fits the set subject, and how to include this interpretation in the marking, must be left to the discretion of the judge for the evening. The judge will be told that the description and scope is the guidance (where applicable) that has been given to all members. It may go without saying, but just for the record, an Open competition may have any image subject entered. There are absolutely no restrictions on subject matter as long as it is in good taste.

22nd February - ANNUAL PDI - OPEN competition
Judge: Malcolm Sales ARPS, ABIPP
Theme Description/Scope
As this is an Open competition images may be a mixture of both colour and monochrome, there is no restriction on subject matter. Members may enter a maximum of three images.

15th March - OPEN competition (PDI)
Judge: Phil Newman ARPS, AFIAP, BPE3*
Theme Description/Scope
As the famous song goes: 'Now heaven knows, anything goes.' Yes, we welcome any kind of image. Just try and vary your entries, and be wary of entering an image you may beat yourself about if it proves to be ideal for the more specific competitions to come.
As this is an open competition images may be a mixture of both colour and monochrome, there is no restriction on subject matter. Members may enter a maximum of three images.

Judge: Derek Doar DPAGB
Theme Description/Scope
This is where we get all strict and fussy because, first of all, your entry needs to be a grayscale image ranging from black to white of any subject. Your image may be toned entirely in a single colour e.g. sepia but – beware – we shall stamp our little feet if a partial toning or an additional colour is incorporated. This is not permitted. As this competition will occupy the whole evening, members may enter a maximum of three Monochrome images.

10th May - TRANSPORT (PDI)
Judge: Robert Falconer
Theme Description/Scope
We want an image of anything whose purpose is to move people or things from one place to another. It may be big or small, personal or commercial, at rest or moving. Yes, we want Trains, Planes & Automobiles, but also bikes, boats, trams, trucks, carriages, copters, jalopies, jet-skis…

Judge: Dave Hollingsworth CPAGB
Theme Description/Scope
We are looking for an image of inanimate subject matter, which may be either natural (food, flowers, plants, rocks, or shells) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewellery, coins and so on) in an artificial setting. Remember that word ‘inanimate’, so don’t put your cat in the picture. This is where you can control everything - background, lighting, mood and composition.

13th September - PORTRAIT (PRINT)
Judge: Carol McNiven-Young FRPS EFIAP BPE4* CPAGB
Theme Description/Scope
Whether it’s your Auntie Nellie or your adorable Rottweiler, your image needs to be a portrait where the face and expression are predominant. That said, the entire body may be included and/or the background if you fancy yourself as environmental portraitist.

18th October - ON THE STREET (PDI)
Judge: Steve Myall EFIAP, BPE4*
Theme Description/Scope
Your street image could be in an urban or rural setting but take heed of the dictionary definition of the word street: ‘a public road with buildings on both sides.’

Theme Description/Scope
Whether it’s a shot of a lonesome pine, a copse on a hill or a vine-entangled rainforest, we want to celebrate the beauty, spectacle, magic and mystery of our wooded world.

13th December - SPORT (PDI)
Judge: Vin Scothern DPAGB, AFIAP, PPSA, BPE5*
Theme Description/Scope
Simply stun us with a shot of your chosen sport, with or without movement, just as long as it depicts sport.