Themes - Description & Scope

2019 Competition Set Themes with Descriptions and Scope

Please see our website at on the Competitions page for the full rules and entry information.
For each of the monthly competitions (with the exception of the Mono competition, see below), members may enter a maximum of two Open images and one on the set Theme for that competition ie. three images in total.
The set theme descriptions and scope are detailed below. The interpretation of how well a picture fits the set subject, and how to include this interpretation in the marking, must be left to the discretion of the judge for the evening. The judge will be told that the description and scope is the guidance (where applicable) that has been given to all members. It may go without saying, but just for the record, an Open competition may have any image subject entered. There are absolutely no restrictions on subject matter as long as it is in good taste.

4th February - Annual Digital (Open)
Judge: Peter Cheetham Hon PAGB

25th February - Annual Print (Open)
Judge: Ian Pinn

18th March - TREES (Digital)
Judge: Steve Myall EFIAP, BPE4*
Theme Description

Theme Scope:

    15th April - MONOCHROME (Print)
    Judge: Derek Doar DPAGB
    Theme Description
    An image comprised of tones of grey from black to white, or entirely of tones of a single colour. A black and white work modified by a partial toning, split toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work and is therefore excluded. This competition will take the whole evening. Members may enter a maximum of three Mono images. There is no separate Open section this evening.
    Theme Scope:
    • Any image in Mono as described above.

    20th May - PEELING PAINT OR RUSTY WORLD (Digital)
    Judge: Malcolm Sales ASWPP
    Theme Description
    Someone has been looking at my DIY to-do list, or make that my car – but before we all run out to B&Q, remember to grab an image before completing the makeover. The Forth Rail Bridge just won’t do it anymore.
    Theme Scope:
    • An image showing the decay and disrepair that is all around us, depicting peeling and/or rusty of course.

    17th June - ANIMALS (Print)
    Judge: David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE5*
    Theme Description
    Darwin studied at both Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities, but I’ll go with the Oxford version, the Oxford Dictionary definition that is – our living natural history, to include those feathered flying species that colour our world, all as given by the above definition.
    Theme Scope:
    • Any image showing our co-habiters on planet earth. An image of the evolution of a species on another planet is not acceptable!

    15th July - WATER (Digital)
    Judge: Sue Wilson DPAGB
    Theme Description
    Remember studying the water cycle at school(?) – too long ago for me to remember, but it affords titanic opportunities – just ensure that the iceberg is the key element in the image! Now where’s the drink?
    Theme Scope:
    • An image where water is the key element, hard or soft, frozen or flowing…………….droplet or ocean.

    23rd September - ABANDONED (Print)
    Judge: Jacqui Jay Grafton ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE4*
    Theme Description
    I have abandoned all hope (aka Brexit) of doing well in this month’s competition – how about you? Is it a physical element in our landscape; our built environment, our high street; or just that feeling when you’re in the pub and have left your money at home? Just off the west coast of central Europe lies a land of opportunity, and with Brexit and hope fading, we photographers have lots of subjects – how about Westminster?
    Theme Scope:
    • Democracy aside (lol) – an image of an element of the physical world, all too common around us, or that state of affairs.

    21st October - CITYSCAPE (Digital)
    Judge: Sue Hutton ARPS
    Theme Description
    An urban landscape from somewhere around the world – day or night, the choice is yours. Architects are just brilliant – or are they? Town Planners can get it right – or maybe not. What’s your take – abstract or not, Photoshop at the ready?
    Theme Scope:
    • An image of the urban landscape - well at least your take on it.

    2nd December - AFTER DARK (Print)
    Judge: Robert Falconer
    Theme Description
    You’ll need some light on this subject but not direct from the sun – by the light of the silvery moon; by a starry sky; by gaslight; or even light painting perhaps. Tripods at the ready.
    Theme Scope:
    • An image depicting a scene or otherwise showing the subject photographed between, and not including, the “Blue Hours”.