Themes - Description & Scope

2018 Competition Set Themes with Descriptions and Scope

Please see our website at on the Competitions page for the full rules and entry information.
For each of the monthly competitions (with the exception of the Mono competition, see below), members may enter a maximum of two Open images and one on the set Theme for that competition ie. three images in total.
The set theme descriptions and scope are detailed below. The interpretation of how well a picture fits the set subject, and how to include this interpretation in the marking, must be left to the discretion of the judge for the evening. The judge will be told that the description and scope is the guidance (where applicable) that has been given to all members. It may go without saying, but just for the record, an Open competition may have any image subject entered. There are absolutely no restrictions on subject matter as long as it is in good taste.

29th January - Annual Digital (Open)
Judge: Malcolm Sales QEP, ABIPP, ARPS

26th February - Annual Print (Open)
Judge: Derek Doar DPAGB

19th March - MADE IN DERBY (Digital)
Judge: Derek Doar DPAGB
Theme Description
A theme to echo the Club's 2018 Exhibition to be held in May of this year. Your image will have been taken in Derby City and identifies an aspect of the City's life, work or play, culture, heritage, day or night etc. The image should be identifiable, if at all possible, as having been photographed within the City limits. But if not, then identify the specific aspect(s) of Derby City within the title of the work.
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting an element of life in Derby City;

  • The image, or all elements making up the image, must have been taken within the City limits of Derby.

16th April - MONOCHROME (Print)
Judge: Peter Cheetham Hon. PAGB
Theme Description
An image comprised of tones of grey from black to white, or entirely of tones of a single colour. A black and white work modified by a partial toning, split toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work and is therefore excluded. This competition will take the whole evening. Members may enter a maximum of three Mono images. There is no separate Open section this evening.
Theme Scope:
  • Any image in Mono as described above.

21st May - ABSTRACT (Digital)
Judge: Steve Roper APAGB, CPAGB
Theme Description
It's not a summary of a written article, but in our case an image depicting shape(s), colour or tones, and textures. In-camera artistry, non-representational, or just plain representational of the abstract - it's up to you.
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting your idea of the abstract world or of the world made abstract.

18th June - BRIDGES (Print)
Judge: Ralph Bennett ARPS, CPAGB
Theme Description
An essential for everyday life and travel, bridges come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From the iconic Firth of Forth bridges, to Sydney Harbour on the other side of the world, you have millions to choose from. Your dentist may have something else in mind when he/she is at work, so other forms do exist. You are the captain of your very own bridge - so you can photoshop a bridge to nowhere! Beam me up, Scotty!
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting that element of the theme from your perspective.

16th July - PORTRAITS (Digital)
Judge: Robert Falconer
Theme Description
A classic theme for any photoshoot that needs no introduction. Quite literally, But then again - there are lots of options.
Watch the birdie - smile!
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting the theme, be that a singular portrait depiction or otherwise.

24th September - REFLECTION (Print)
Judge: Sue Wilson DPAGB
Theme Description
On reflection, this could be a mood or the physics of the natural world - isn't light magnificent? So no need to shed any more light on the subject?
Take a good look in the mirror and have a think about it!
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting your view of the theme.

22nd October - FETES AND FESTIVALS (Digital)
Judge: Vin Scothern DPAGB, BPE5*, AFIAP, PPSA
Theme Description
Assembled groups of people hold them all the time for a multitude of diverse reasons. You just have to be there and respect the occasion. Lets hope permissions are always a given or just given!
Theme Scope:
  • Any image depicting your take on the respective event or occasion.

3rd December - CLOUDSCAPE (Print)
Judge: Louise Walton
Theme Description
We see them most days when we are in the great outdoors. Your image needs to show at least part of one. Clear blue skies are not wanted here - fat chance, have you looked out the window!
Theme Scope:
  • Any scape depicting the theme, to include at least part of a cloud.